BlackBerry know to close the messaging application BBM in May next

بلاكبيري تعلن إغلاق تطبيق المراسلة BBM في مايو المقبل

Announced BlackBerry in a move expected to some extent from the closure of the application of the conversation the famous BBM in full on May 31, 2019. This comes after a significant decline for the years after the emergence of smart phones and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others.

Was BBM live the best moment of his so that it was controlling on the field for several years with the proliferation of BlackBerry phones globally, but the end of the application came in an imperative way after going users Android phones and iOS, in spite of the development of the company a copy of its application for these intelligent systems, but they found it difficult to return to her office due to the spread of many applications.

Prior to this stage three years ago, the BlackBerry re-arrange application to be the platform for conversation next to the supported feature to share content and processes of payment, but apparently did not succeed those thought to be the inevitable end to the investigation.

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