BlackBerry operating maybe on the new smartphone carries the code name ” Monet “

Blackberry Priv

Although most consumers are focused on the upcoming smartphone brands to the most established in the market today, don’t forget that BlackBerry is still in the race. In fact, it looks like it is going to work on BlackBerry new bears the title ” Monet “.

We don’t know much about this phone at the moment, except that it carries the code name Blackberry BBJ100, and it is a candidate to come in two versions, one includes a single port for SIM card, while the other fabric port for SIM card. Otherwise, we can’t be sure of that Telephone Pioneer, or Phone featuring a physical keyboard, or whether it will screen the entire touch-sensitive.

The last time we saw a smartphone that carries the brand Blackberry was in 2018, when the launch of the two phones, the Blackberry Evolve, and Blackberry Evolve X. This means it’s time for the company to launch a new phone, it is likely to be a telephone pioneer. It is also likely to continue to work with Android, but this is just speculation on our part.

It is hoped that the means to monitor the configuration files for this phone that it is on the outskirts of the access to the market, so we will continue watching the situation to get more information about the specifications of this phone and release date.


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