BlackBerry Sage: the attacks of piloted aircraft has become a reality and processing

BlackBerry Sage: the attacks of piloted aircraft has become a reality and treatment

In the shadow of the attacks that were carried out by using the aircraft on oil resources in Saudi Arabia, provides the company (BlackBerry Seagate Technology) Black Sage Technologies, the leading Drive in the area of development, integration and dissemination of solutions to systems of anti-aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (car-Yo No s), their support and expertise to governments and commercial entities that seek to protect critical infrastructure and human life and economic vitality.

In this context, he said (Rick Schmidt) – the president of the company (BlackBerry sage): “We know in this day about our cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Saudi Aramco and its employees. And this latest attack aircraft, the last example of how serious the dangers of these aircraft, given their impact on the global economy and all consumers of oil and gas. And we have in the United States to take the necessary actions to ensure that the impact of similar attacks on our national interests”.

For his part, said (Dave Romero), co-founder and co-CEO (Black Sage): “this recent attack on Saudi Arabia is another example of the seriousness of this threat to the infrastructure and the security and safety of everyone in the end. The United States and its allies to address these threats immediately. In fact, there are seven consultations on average per day for March in the United States near the aircraft commercial and consumer during the flight. And we can consider ourselves lucky not influenced by any commercial airliner even now. We have seen already the use of the Taliban the aircraft to the March as a weapon in the war in Afghanistan. According to Insight our and our information that many of the states the development of swarms of aircraft to use as weapons, which forces us to protect ourselves from them; and technology and practical knowledge available. How many attacks have to occur before taking the necessary actions to reduce these risks?”.

As a Leading Provider of solutions for systems of anti-aircraft without a pilot, you (Black Sage) definition, classification and overcome the risk of aircraft without pilot for armies and governments and law enforcement applications and civilian. And enjoy (Black Sage) expertly installed in securing critical infrastructures of energy and infrastructure government globally, including the Middle East. And dependent (Black Sage) approach independent from the hardware, through the integration of the best sensors in their class with the technology of classification-owned by US, and to automate the tracking Goals video and defense, in addition to providing integrated solutions for scalable systems, anti-aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles meet a wide range of tasks.

And already deployed systems, anti-aircraft without a pilot that download science shops (on any OS X) successfully support fixed-site security and protection of critical infrastructure and control of airspace and events business. Include a list of clients (BlackBerry sage) all of U.S. government agencies, the Ministry of defence and a number of the main contractors in the field of aerospace and defense in the United States and the group of armies and governments allied in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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And (Black Sage) a fast growing company specialized in the integration of technical defense and in the throat of the independent to protect the airspace for the purpose of projecting systems for small aircraft piloted remotely. Thanks to a range of sensors and tools to effect intelligent machines, provide a (black sage) solutions to some of the most difficult requirements of the functions of the systems of anti-aircraft without a pilot in the area of critical infrastructure, internal security and civil defense. Committed (BlackBerry sage) maintaining peace and security.

And (icon etc companies) private equity firm in the intermediary market focusing exclusively on the sector of air defense and intelligence. Invest (EUR) only in the corporate world, which seeks to promote global development and protect national interests. And enjoy (EUR) great reputation in the sector and understanding of its in-depth markets sector of air defense, where you have access to the best companies in these sectors. Thanks to its operational capacity to lead and manage the investment on the extension of its economic and industrial variety, work (Eikon) in collaboration with management to select portfolio companies to leading companies in the market.

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