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The company has suspended the BlackBerry , the Canadian final the consumer version of their application for instant messaging “BlackBerry Messenger” BlackBerry Messenger, known as BBM, which in the earlier the main selling point for BlackBerry phones, which is one of the oldest messaging apps for smartphones.

The issue of stopping the app as the end of the era of smart phones, the company has released the app for the first time in 2005, when he was the only other option is the existing messaging via mobile devices is SMS.

The Shape of BBM are a great way to send instant messages to owners of BlackBerry devices and others without the consumption of SMS, and it is available initially on BlackBerry devices exclusively, but the company launched in 2013 for Android, and iOS iOS.

Also introduced app chat feature to the mobile devices, which was a feature exciting and new at the time, but things have changed dramatically since then, as it is no longer BlackBerry manufactured phones, as well as to operating system, the BlackBerry OS is nearing death.

Announced Emtek, the Indonesian company which partnered with BlackBerry in 2016 to assist in the expansion of the scope of the work of BBM for consumers, in her blog last month that it will continue to the application deadline by 31 May, adding to the difficulty of attracting new users.

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The company explained that they tried to activate the consumer version of BBM over the past few years, but despite its efforts, has moved longtime users to other platforms, and proved new users difficult to register to use the app.

And BBM for the stiff competition by messaging apps other, given that the consumers may get away from him in favor of WhatsApp; and there; and iMessage; and the group chat on social media platforms, it has decreased the importance of the application.

The company decided to stop it after the loss of users, rather than continue to try to support it, with the launch of its version institutions BBMe as an alternative, which can be used on devices operating systems Android and iOS or iOS; and windows; and Mac, so that the BBMe compatible with BBM on devices BB10 and BBOS.

Available version enterprise BBM Enterprise to everyone for a fee, but it will be free for new users during the first year, and enhance group conversations; and audio and visual information; and the possibility of editing messages and for sent by of encryption mass.


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