Blackberry sign applied for BBM on May 31,

Announced preorder BlackBerry BlackBerry the Canadian intention to stop running the consumer version of the application by the famous messaging “BlackBerry Messenger” BBM on May 31, which is the application issued for the first time in 2005.

She said in a blog: “the users have moved to other platforms, and it was sad to say goodbye,” she said that during the period of over a month will set users payments for stickers, with the disappearance of BBMoji.

Coinciding with the turn off the consumer version of the messaging application BBM, the company announced that the version enterprises, BBM Enterprise will be available to everyone for a fee.

The application of the BBMe on Android devices, and iOS, and windows, and Mac, the service will be free for new users during the first year, that cost then $ 2.50 every six months.

Shape messaging application BBM in the previously major selling point for BlackBerry phones, which is one of the oldest messaging apps for smartphones, and it is available exclusively on BlackBerry devices, but the company launched the app in 2013 for Android, and iOS iOS.

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And things had changed greatly since then, as it is no longer BlackBerry manufactured phones, as the operating system, the BlackBerry OS is nearing death.

The company explained that they tried to activate the consumer version of BBM over the past few years, but in spite of the great efforts made, it has moved longtime users to other platforms, and proved new users difficult to register to use the app.

And BBM for the stiff competition by messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, leading to the loss of users, the company decided to stop, rather than continue to try to support it.

The BlackBerry had announced in 2016 for a new partnership with a company Emtek, which are taken from the Indonesia-based, to assist in the expansion of the scope of the work of BBM for consumers, and expanded Emtek, as part of the partnership, the capabilities of BBM for consumers across the features, new improvements.

While maintained the BlackBerry solution BBM Enterprise, which also features group conversations, voice calls and video chat, the possibility to edit messages and undo sent, along with comprehensive consultation.

Recall that persons who continue to use the consumer version of BBM, or who used it in the past, download and save any photos, videos, or other files have been shared via the service by May 31, because those files will not be available starting from the month of June.

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