Blame Coinmarketcap to display a non-existent trading pairs. What’s wrong?

Most visited aggregator of data on the crypt Coinmarketcap finally changed the algorithm to display information from the stock exchange Bitfinex. We will remind, earlier in cryptocommunist it was a misunderstanding from-for sharp falling of the prices USDT. After the problems with steilcoom prices on Bitfinex went up, and the trading volume had no connection with reality.

At this time, traders noticed on the page of Coinmarketcap non-existent Bitfinex to trade the pair USD/USDT. In this exchange there is no possibility to directly exchange dollars for tokens USDT.

Problem solved

In response to requests to clarify the situation the representatives of Bitfinex said that the trading volume on Coinmarketcap pairs show the sum of all deposits and withdrawals USDT with a trading platform in one day. Head of marketing Department aggregator Caroline Chan promised to exclude data about the USD/USDT from the total number of volumes on the website Coinmarketcap.

Our team ruled out the volumes created using the inputs and outputs from the token exchange. You can verify this yourself by going to Bitfinex in Coinmarketcap.

As reported in Coindesk, head of marketing Department Bitfinex Kasper Rasmussen leave a comment on this case.

The data on Coinmarketcap didn’t mean our API automatically calculates the volume of USD/USDT and uses this data for internal purposes of the exchange.

In fact, the representatives Bitfinex has hinted that Coinmarketcap should bear full responsibility for the accuracy of their data. In this guide, the aggregator said the lack of normal communication with the exchange. Previously, Caroline Chan has published information about the “several official requests from Coinmarketcap, which was rejected Bitfinex”.

Image source — Coinmarketcap

After some time on Twitter Bethinks there was an official explanation of the situation.

We do not publish fake numbers. Movement_volume the API is part of API Ticker. This information is published not by us, and the CMC. Another example of the campaign against Bitfinex.

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