Block it — this game will be a nightmare

To spoil the dream in different ways. The most powerful of them — look at the night classic horror movie type of “the Shining” by Stanley Kubrick. It the number 237 will cause a trembling in the knees, and a chance meeting with the twins on the street and not go crazy. Slightly less effective will be the party to Block it. The game is a free moment and make you nervous.

Block it — the product team is Ahead. That is why it is characterized by all distinctive features of the apps creators. Here is a simple design, the lack of any plot and minimal meaning. Most importantly — you can play with one hand, and the free time it goes unnoticed.

Training mode according to the tradition there. Immediately after loading the Block it prompts you to touch to the display and run the game. It is necessary to focus on the go. Overall, the idea is simple. The playing field is surrounded by three faces. It flies the ball, which bounces from the walls and sooner or later sent to a free passage from below.

Our task is to push on the screen at the time of the approaching ball. Immediately after clicking will appear below the fourth edge, which should face the ball. If you tap in time, the projectile will bounce off the wall and fly back, and we count the point. If you do it too early or too late, the ball will fly beyond the playing field. The level will have to start all over again.

Despite its simplicity, the game is terrible. First, with the next point, the projectile moves faster. Secondly, most importantly, each kick of the ball gives a metallic ringing, and it is getting louder. Play at high volume is not recommended. In this case, in the next few days the sound will get to Wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

For fun the developers added world ranking — you can see what the best percentage you enter. Advertising traditionally is, get rid of it disconnect the Internet.

Block it — good taymkiller, with an emphasis on agility. Exactly the game lovers to tickle nerves.

Application: Block it
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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