Block Qi and the future of electronic trading

بلوك تشين مستقبل التعاملات الاليكترونية

بلوك تشين مستقبل التعاملات الالكترونية

The countries of the world dealing with the technique of the “block Chi” or “series Fund” in a perfect way, it began many of the states in the use of it in its various far from being the basic component of digital, due to the great advantages to open source high encryption.

Featuring technical that it does not depend on a specific point, but decentralized in dealing with the information that people added. Everyone will be able to add information or data that he wants her in the case were allowed to do so, to get later within the Fund of funds series, which is what makes the appearance of the information is clear and documented. As that information becomes formalized completely, being technical does not allow to change the information that has been posted previously, it’s just a cumulative thing. can not pull the earlier part of it.

Can be said that the advantages of the technique of “block Qi” give a lot of transparency to the public institutions, the main reason for this is the inability of any party to change the information pre-installed, which makes the possibility of fraud is weak, and in turn they will make the process control easier. This could be a blow to some institutions or functions competent in it, but even though it seems difficult for the staff, he is more receptive audience.

How to operate the technology?

The working system is very simple, where anyone on the network block Qi specific that says add new data, and each time is saved in the Fund of series fund the existing ones, which allows people already on the network see the data added. For example; when you say one of the institutions the development of network technology, to add specific records, access to records will become easy for all the people who have the possibility to enter the company, where they can see the records and relay the historical, which makes it clear to everyone, which reduces the proportion of fraud and deception too.

The use of block Qi

Away from digital currencies, many states enter Technical in the governmental, institutional and, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, specifically the Emirate of Dubai. Declared Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that the emirate you will get 50% of its government to provide to block your Chi, which will help in reducing the expenses AED 11 billion is spent annually on government transactions. It can be said that this came after an extensive study and comprehensive, where he inaugurated the emirate at the time of the former Council block you Chi the world with the aim of promoting the use of technology in several areas; such as business records, financial system, health system, civil records of various kinds.

Away from the Emirates, the Georgian government floated a special application based on technical to document the process of buying and selling land, making it is directly between parties without the need for conventional procedures to interact through institutions. It is similar in one way or another with Estonia, where the government introduced a system based on technical for the eBook and citizens, which makes any citizen of the Estonian able to login to the network via the ID number of your vote, this will make it impossible to vote with a number of forged and registered with the government, because the system will reject it directly.


Talking about this technology does not belong, but to clarify the idea about what you can offer him something positive. Where they give a lot more than currencies online such as bitcoin, which some believe it is the same technique to block your Chi. Except that the block Qi is wider than that, and the e-just application of technique in composition, as is the case with systems that will start Dubai built like.


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