Blockchain gang. Looks like the party of those who advertises cryptocurrencies

Recently we told you about Zoe Bernard from Business Insider, which is nice to rest at a private party Bitcoin billionaires. Last weekend it pulled in another strange event. She was at the presentation of the crypto-currency awards that received YouTube bloggers and musicians for promoting cryptocurrency to the masses.

Who are the cryptocurrency evangelists

The event was called Crypto Influencer Awards Summit. It passed within weeks of the blockchain in new York. Some of the most influential cryptocurrency evangelists went to the city to receive awards in the categories “Best crypto-musician”, “Most rated”, “Best video production” and “funniest”.

The event was attended by writer and producer Tarina Southern, benchmarks TeamHODL and Coin Daddy and youtubers Blood Crypto, Crypto Bobby Cryptonauts and I Love Crypto. All of you know for the promotion of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the masses.

Zoe notes that all the figures seemed to be very famous, but actually are not. She asked one person who wanted to be photographed with Siraj with Raval about whether he liked the YouTube channel Raval. The man said he had never seen his publications and want to take pictures, because Raval seems to be known to him.

One of the guests came up to Zoe and said, “I love your channel.” When Zoe told me that had never posted anything on YouTube, the man shrugged and replied, “I could have sworn it was you.” It all seems a bit ridiculous, but exactly to the moment until we found out how much money these same evangelists cryptocurrency on its activities.

How to earn on advertising token-ICO

The above mentioned Siraj Raval, whose channel has 400 thousand subscribers, said that he constantly gets letters asking to tell about the tokens or the upcoming ICO. By the way, Raval takes 50 thousand dollars for a 20-minute video with a discussion of the tokens. Most importantly, do not advertise scams, and getting caught is very easy.

It just so happened that one of the most popular ways of attracting attention to the ICO is a popular personality on the Internet. They are paid $ 5,000 for the publication of symbol of the company in front of an audience for a few minutes. For comparison, Consensus conference booth placement for 3 days was worth 10 thousand dollars.

After talking with the evangelists Zoe began to notice some strange details of this event. For example, the entrance for visitors was worth $ 600, but no one checked tickets at the entrance. The drinks are poured into plastic cups on a folding table, and the toilet has no mirror, paper towel and toilet. The event organizer spends most of her time outside in disputes with the police.

Many of the guests begin to wonder about the existence of the award, which they plan to present. Hot it seems all so well carried out in the communication on interesting topics. Oil poured into the fire, Asian plastic crown, who said that produces several bitcoins every day on his farm, and all who do not have bitcoins, need to go. Such a strange way the event went. Whether it was drawing attention to one specific ICO or not, is unknown. In any case, a lot of nice people had a nice time together.

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