Blockchain NEO 3.0 will use even the farmers. A loud statement of the co-founder of

The event of the company NEO DevCon in Seattle began with a surprise statement. Co-founder of Yes, Hanfa began the meeting with a report on the smart economy and shared his views on how the NEO will help lead the world to a new technological future before the end of 2020. Hanfa, expressed his firm belief that “smart” economy — more than the evolution of the financial ecosystem. In his opinion, in the end, she will be the next stage of global development, shifting the world from an industrial economy to one based on digital technology.

What is smart economy?

In the course of history there were many stages of economic development, which led most countries to their present economic status. Hanfa, believes that the smart economy will be the next stage in the evolution of the economy. During his speech, the cofounder of NEO explained that the new economy will be fully digital, programmable and interoperable.

The blockchain and the technology of distributed registries (DLT) will certainly play a big role in this hypothetical new global economic system. They will also give its members a unique benefit of decentralization.

In addition, the decentralized nature of the economy will result in significantly greater transparency and involvement not only in the financial system, but in society as a whole.

Co-founder NEO is also confident that their company will provide a solid basis for the development of this new economy. At least because it encourages a lot of projects in a wide range of industries ranging from venture capitalists and ending with farmers. More data look at cryptodata.

Over the course of NEO and other coins follow in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. It bullrun skip will not work.

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