Blockchain was the most overrated word 2018

According to a recent survey, heads of advertising companies believe the word “blockchain” the most overvalued in 2018. Cryptotermes bypassed even “Artificial intelligence” and “software”. In the survey, MediaPost also quoted that marketers have deemed important and relevant throughout 2018. Ironically for anyone who has the slightest idea about blockchain technology, the word number one on this list was “transparency”.

2018 — the year of the blockchain?

The aim of the study was to “…evaluate the interest of other industries, including advertising agencies, as well as to find out which words and terms were provided undue attention”. The survey involved 120 marketers and the heads 181 of the Agency. Almost a third of respondents — 31 per cent — the first thing mentioned “blockchain”. Meanwhile, slightly fewer representatives of the niche — 21 percent — said that the definition of technology to store data about the cryptocurrency was the most Intrusive.

Immediately after bloccano the most popular terms were “artificial intelligence” and “software”. They attracted enough attention to advertisers and shifted “cryptocurrency” in the third position.

But the most important was the word…

But the most overrated for the year 2018, advertisers also proposed is really the most important according to them the word. Here the result is not exactly a surprise to those familiar with public blockchains. The winner according to most respondents was the word “transparency”. Transparency is important, and the blockchain, no? It seems that advertisers are unable to see the forest for the trees.

But the hype is obvious. On the wave of hype, the term “blockchain” was used by all and Sundry. Absolutely not related to technology, companies have started to add this word in the title. That is why, the owners of advertising companies a little tired of the ubiquitous blockchain. More data look at cryptodata.

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