Blockstream released their own crypto. The main features of the new

The holders of Bitcoin extra reason for celebration: on the market there are probably the most secure solution for storing coins. Green Wallet from Blockstream can be installed on iOS and Android, in this guide, the project promises maximum protection of digital assets of users.

Such statements are encouraging, but even the large manufacturers of purses happen punctures. Earlier, analysts main competitor best wallet found several critical vulnerabilities in hardware wallets of the company. Hopefully, with Green Wallet that won’t happen.

What can the new

The purse is an updated version of the previous GreenAddress from Blockstream, which has previously gone through a rebranding. The release on the official YouTube channel of the company guide on the basic intricacies of the new items.

Like its predecessor, Green Wallet uses multisig 2 of 2 by default. Private keys of the user exist in two copies — one stored on the device itself, the second is placed on the company’s servers. In case of loss of wallet no one will be able to access digital assets.

Two-factor authentication is provided in several ways: using Google Authenticator, email, SMS or phone call. According to the company, an enumeration of all the benefits Green Wallet “takes too much time.”

We retained the degree of protection multisig that our customers know and love. In the device also has many new features that will please advanced users.

For owners of One and best wallet Ledger Nano’s also have good news — Green Wallet is fully compatible with both devices. Work with Ledger Nano X is on the way, the developers promise to introduce in the near future.

The other interesting intricacies of the new items will be able to find in our cryptodata.


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