Blogs (Tumblr) move to (WordPress), compared to $ 3 million just

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مدونات (تمبلر) تنتقل الى (ووردبريس) مقابل 3 مليون دولار فقطBlogs (Tumblr) move to (WordPress) for $ 3 billion only

Blogs (Tumblr) move to (WordPress) for $ 3 billion only

Acquired the popular blogging platform WordPress which is operated by the company (automatic), acquired on the platform of blogs and Tumblr from Verizon US .

Initially bought Yahoo blogs Tumblr 2013 for 1.1 billion dollars , before I take the Verizon U.S. company Yahoo itself in 2017 and then acquires blogging platform Tumblr .

The page , which looks like it’s (technically) bargain one being includes the areas under its banner, is also profitable economical, where I talk WordPress only $ 3 million just to acquire Tumblr .

Continued platform Tumblr Watch lawsuit in the past year being called the content of the porn, before retreating and prevent completely that the content on all blog by the subsidiary due to a lawsuit .

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