Bloomberg: Google plans to announce a phones Pixel 3 in the October 9 next

Google announced the first and second generation phones Pixel at the same date, which is October 4 for 2016 and 2017, during the financial period confirmed informally that the date of the announcement of the second generation will be no different than his predecessors.

And now revealed a new report published by Bloomberg News that Google plans to announce my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on 9 October that the event being in the city of New York, and thereby varies the second generation of the phone on the first and second generation so the location of the event that took place during the last two years California.

Comes a Bloomberg report, after we have seen a massive wave of leaks, photos, and videos that revealed almost everything about the phone Pixel 3 XL, in the past week alone we’ve seen the phone like announced charging users.

And because the leaks last week were amazing, as we haven’t seen for a smartphone of this form, to be trained later that a group of phones Pixel 3 XL has been stolen in unknown circumstances, he has published the website 9to5Google, citing reliable sources, says that the Ukrainian company is selling the phone in the Black Market at a price of $ 2000 each.

With focused delivery on phone Pixel 3 XL keeps the event Google high importance to those who are waiting for the young women of the phone, Pixel 3, which did not witness what I have witnessed adult women, but the repeated scenario, as it still separates us from the event almost a month and a half.

Do you expect to see a wave of leaks similar to the phone Pixel 3 is? Let me know in the comments.

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