BMW requires to have 25 all-electric car by the year 2023


Like many of the companies competition, embrace BMW also the future of transport, which almost certainly includes electric cars. Buy the company that made some of the best sports cars diesel engines in the market, but it also invested heavily in the electric car segment. And now, said company BMW that it will launch 25 models of electric vehicles by the year 2023.

This is not the first time that we hear that the goal of the launch of the 25 electric car from BMW. However, it has made this company the German tradition in the auto industry to review its schedule. I previously stopped doing so by the year 2025, but now says that this will be possible by the year 2023, which confirms primarily that the company is not concerned about the move to electric cars, at least according to the head of technology at BMW, Mr. Klaus Fröhlich.

Is due much of the credit for this to architectural flexible working on the BMW. Do you mean this architectural flexible that it can use the same structure for cars, diesel-powered and hybrid cars, and also for the fully electric cars on the same production line.

Furthermore, BMW also built a component of its own electric, so you don’t have to rely so much on the supply chain. It will be a lot of people definitely interested in knowing whether the company BMW will achieve its goal of having 25 electric car by the year 2023, or not.

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