Board Gboard is currently testing button, smarter search

لوحة Gboard تختبر حاليًا زر بحث أكثر ذكاءً

Maybe I forgot about that! To keyboard Google Gboard include a search function Built in, regardless of knowing it or not, currently the company says the process for selecting the button Search to make it smarter than ever before, and through this test the user makes first aware of right-click Search this, and more importantly, recommendation and take advantage of the button more without the need to request or write.

And let’s be honest that this test was seen by two months from now, but currently has infected many phones and the new, where the idea of the test track The Bird in the logo change G when you find the content appropriate to what you write, then what is the sea the brightest. in the Gboard is?

Simply when you write something and act on it Gboard there is something will help you, where you will get the Google logo in color, specifically in a cop prophesying to the smiley face icon or GIF or code search or more, depending on the content.

لوحة Gboard تختبر حاليًا زر بحث أكثر ذكاءً

Has become a logo of G is also the symbol of research when writing the names of well-known celebrities, in other cases, you may get the icon GIF if I wrote something that can lead to that, therefore, functionally there is nothing new, but the point that you don’t need to start looking first, where you Write your words as usual in the conversation and tell you the painting that there may be something more interesting you can share it.

Finally, what remains of this water subtracted from the server-side, so you may not see it in the latest version of test available, so we here wait to see the time officially announced by Google.

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