Board Gboard provides support for writing by hand for more than 200 languages

لوحة Gboard توفّر الدعم للكتابة بخط اليد لأكثر من 200 لغة

Someone, may be the ability to write by hand on your smart phone as a gift from heaven, especially when it comes to the language of the mother, but for any reason using this feature, it is important to know your phone what you are trying to write, in the meantime I have a Google Keyboard app “Handwriting Input” dedicated solely to input manual with support for about 97 language only, but with the latest version of the keyboard Gboard, it has provided support to write by hand for more than 200 languages.

In addition, there are several new additions, such as the ability to share Preferences Keyboard language with the level of global Gboard others, so as to be able to quickly setup, as well as having added in respect of reducing the need to click and hold and move to the appearance of the emoji, as well as having some of the reforms on performance in response to the painting

Finally, these plugins are currently available in the version of Gboard v8.3.6, so you can download it by navigating to the page color from the store Google Play, and in the case of non-arrival for you, download file the APK and updating from here.

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