Body camera police can be used by hackers and criminals

Police around the world today wear body cameras. They are a useful tool that protects police, protects citizens from illegal actions of law enforcement officers, helps to fight corruption and acts as a proof of violations. But a coin always has two sides. Body Cams can both defend and present danger.

Consultant at Nuix and expert in the field of security Josh Mitchell told Wired about the vulnerabilities that can turn the body camera of police on a dangerous weapon of hackers. He found vulnerabilities in five of the most popular cameras in the US, manufacturers: Vievu, Patrol Eyes, Fire Cam, Digital Ally and CeeSc. He said that due to these vulnerabilities is able to connect to the cameras, view recordings, change recording and to make changes in the file structure.

The main problem of all manufacturers of wearable cameras for police officers – the lack of encryption in their products for verification of the software. This could allow attackers to gain access to the cameras, but use them as a tool of spreading malicious code. Josh Mitchell described several possible scenarios of security vulnerabilities.

The most simple, what could an attacker do is remove the video, which could be evidence of a crime. It can also falsify the evidence with the replacement video. So police cameras can be used in the interests of criminals. In the end, you can just observe the actions of the police and the location of the employees.

If you dig deeper, hacked camera can become carriers of malware that can propagate via the police network and give hackers access not only to cameras, but to everything else.

Josh Mitchell is already working with five of the above camera manufacturers trying to make this technology more secure.

Today hackers can capture cameras and satellites, but in our Telegram chat safely.

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