BOE Technology Development sensor footprint in the LCD

Company started BOE in the development of the technology of sensor own footprint screen LCD, that starts mass production at the end of 2019.

Set off technology sensor footprint optical-to-side technique sensor footprint ultrasound in a lot of smart phones over the past period, where the restricted this technology on phones is possible with OLED, except that the company BOE on its way to add a new change to this technique is that talking to support LCD screens in the coming period.

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Said Liu Xiaodong, vice president of the company BOE that the company is on its way to start the mass production of the scanner, the insight in the LCD screens in the end of 2019, where his remarks came during a conference of the Shanghai final.

It is estimated that the addition of technology sensor footprint in the LCD transfer this technique to destroy the available versions of smart phones and low-cost also, you will not be limited to possible phone screen OLED only.

I have indicated in the report of DigiTimes that the proportion of smartphones shipped during the past year screen LCD up to 85% of the total 1.456 million units shipped in 2018.

Recall that the projections indicate a recovery in the market of LCD screens during the coming period after the launch technique of the sensor footprint for this category of screens, which will also support greater development in the design of low-cost handsets in the coming years.


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