Boosted come with boards skate Electric new smaller size and cheaper price

This topic Boosted come with boards skate Electric new smaller size and cheaper price appeared on Engadget.

It’s been about six years since I launched Boosted for the first time surfboards own Electric wheeled her orange, but it seems that the company is back again with snowboards shorter and cheaper, as the company is working on the renewal of her paintings long with two new models coming in the coming months.

We’ll start in the short subject the company to ship two different versions of this color of New: the first version of the Mini S which will be around $ 749, and the other copy Mini X at a price of $ 999.

Coming two paintings of the same length, where it will remain length: 29.5 inches on the opposite color of long up to a length of 38 inches. It offers some basic differences in speed, where maximum speed up ratio Mini S to 18 miles per hour and can reach up to 7 miles in the run, while reaching maximum speed for the Mini X to 20 miles per hour and up to 14 miles in extent.

I don’t think this color short at the same speed as the color of long, but the presence of these maximum speeds on the short boards make it look fast and scary. As with color and long, we can determine the secret on the color of the short using the remote control.

Comes surface color short concave more than the color of the former company, which gives you a better sense of when you put your feet on the Board at any time. As he comes to kick of the amazing help you in pivoting about the narrow places, or allow you to lift the front wheels on the pavement. As for the wheels, they come in large (80 mm) and smooth and help you avoid gravel and small that don’t see her in the street.

Weigh Mini S is about 15 lbs, while weighing X 17 lbs, and they certainly are heavier than skateboards regular, but light enough for the field and their.

Probably be shipped Mini S This month, with shipping Mini X in the month of June.

As note above, the company also renew the color of the long, seems it will take a set +Dual existing, to be replaced by the model of two long and two copies of Boosted Plus 1399 $ and Boosted Stealth at the price of 1599 dollars.

Will how the speed of each is about 14 miles, making the battery the far-reaching of the last generation is a standard option, and both about 17 lbs, they will be provided with wheeled large (85 mm).

As for the difference between them, it would come back copy Boosted Plus speed 22 miles per hour, while will speed Stealth about 24 mph, with ride mode V built-in remote control, this in addition to it’s coming to the surface completely grey wheels and grey instead of orange possible. Will be shipping these paintings long in early June.

It is worth noting that all the equipment used in all the paintings made by the company Boosted the same.


This topic Boosted come with boards skate Electric new smaller size and cheaper price appeared on Engadget.

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