Boosted launches the first electric scooter at a price of $ 1600 almost

Revealed the company Boosted about the first electric scooter Rev up to a speed of 24 miles per hour and with determination resist the cliffs and up to Mile 25 degrees, also depends on the calling application Boosted on the phone.

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Up scooter Rev the electrode to the maximum speed of 24 miles per hour, with an average of 22 miles can also be supported on slopes representative of a tilt of 25 degrees, also supports the call to apply the Boosted current to reveal the status of the battery in the scooter, the mileage is in miles.

Also featuring scooter Rev digital screen working on the display speed reached by scooter, and allows the user to choose between three modes of energy levels, and supports Boosted scooter design closer to the motorcycle front, with rubber cap at the surface clear to Scott Rev, how come the tires with a diameter of 9.5 inches, which is wide tires filled with air flow constancy scooter.

Also comes scooter engine in each frame to the registration under the Rev, also comes to be a distinctive system allows for electric motors to the rear, and the power to the battery of the new, which provides protection for the user with the brake system smooth.

And it takes battery scooter Rev full a period of 3 hours, as up the weight of the scooter to 20.91 kg, which provides a seamless user experience in the campaign for scooter and storage, it also confirms Russakow CEO Boosted to the nurses that come by Scooter Rev electrical design that supports the user in the use of the condenser, and also supports the dedication and the traffic makes of scooter Rev Electric is worth the level of pricing associated with $ 1600.


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