Boring Company (the same one) will build an experimental underground garage in the tunnel

Despite the boring name, Boring Company rather grandiose plans and ambitions. The company proposed to build a 5 km long tunnel from the station meters in Los Angeles to Dodger stadium, and recently she was chosen for the construction of a rapid transit connection to Chicago. So far, the company is targeting residential use and purchased a property near the headquarters of SpaceX, where he plans to build a prototype in a private garage.

Hawthorne city Council has given the company permission to build the mine on their land, which will sink the transport before you get into the commuter tunnel, without the need to leave the garage. The car will be transported through the lower tunnel on an electric roller, so the problems with ventilation problems will not arise.

Private garage with exit to the underground tunnel

The company granted permission with the condition that the prototype will not be open to the public and will not affect the traffic from the street. And yet, she will have to provide more detailed plans to the city Council before it begins to bring his plan into execution. Obviously, active drilling in populated areas requires careful precautions.

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