Bose announces cessation of production Sleepbuds as a result of defects in the battery

The company announced the Bose to stop production headphone Sleepbuds officially, with back clear of facing the problem from the users to the 31st of December, as a result of the emergence of the problem of the streak in the sky, which was most notably defects of the battery.

Developed company Bose headset Sleepbuds to support users in getting a good night’s sleep without any disturbances or inconvenience, which came at the price of $ 250, and today start Bose back headphones Sleepbuds of users and the value of the sky full users as a result of the problems that appear in the sky frequently.

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Came the declaration Bose to stop production headphone Sleepbuds in a publication on the company’s official website, where the company has confirmed to start to recover the sky of the users and stop the production of Sleepbuds, as confirmed also to re-value the sky full.

I have back problems, the first charging the headset Sleepbuds which disappears even with the battery of the handset fully, where the company started replacing these units with new units, and noted that the old units had been destroyed completely.

By another company tried Bose in identifying the cause of defects that appear in the Sleepbuds but to no avail, as the company keeps paying to update software to address these problems, which did not succeed also, to continue the problem than pay Bose for the recent decision to halt production.

The company Bose a formal apology to users on its site, it also pointed out that this is not a recall of all units, where does that leave users the freedom to choose to keep the poison set or retrieve the value, where they do not pose the problems that appeared in the sky of any damage or danger to the users, as can retail stores selling Sleepbuds as in the past.


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