Bose announces headset 700 with noise cancelling and price $ 400

The company announced the Bose speaker 700 that comes with a cancellation of ambient noise and isolate the user’s voice which begins charging its users on the 20th of June at a price of $ 400.

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Use the company Bose released the seventh of the heavens possible to cancel noise QC 35 II the issuance of a new day displays the headset 700, which is available for pre-booking today at the price of $ 400 to begin charging users on the 20th of June.

Come hear 700 new Bose stylish design and fun with higher efficiency of Health processes, as characterized at a higher price from the previous version of the company come to support more to offer artificial intelligence.

Also includes headset 700 control feature with multi-touch, also include the number of 4 microphones and a USB port C, and also the entrance of 3.5 mm, it is planned to strengthen the capacity of the battery lifetime charging up to 20 hours of operating.

I have pointed out Bose that the fish come running mics serves to isolate the user’s voice from ambient noise with a cancellation noise surrounding it, that provides the user with a number of 10 levels to isolate and cancel noise at the preferred level of the user.

On the other hand, supports headset Bose 700 user with a choice of Plugin to default favorites such as Alexa of the Amazon, and the Google default, How come the sky the pattern of special talks called the arrest of the noise cancelling feature temporarily to listen for in your surroundings without having to remove the sky in the beginning.

Also supports the new version of the speaker technique Bose AR that allows user to use the sky in augmented reality technology or with applications that support this technique to support the user with information about the place of the ocean using special sensors in the sky from them give directions to reach a specific destination, for example.


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