BOSE bring tires BOSE FRAMES to the UAE

Announced the company Bose launched its range of frames , Bose Frames – wearable devices of the famous brand – in the state of United Arab Emirates.

And the new line between elegant appearance, and protection, which provide sunglasses, with the finest levels of performance for headphones, besides being the first frames to provide an audio experience powered by augmented reality, on the level of the world.

Are available a new composition with the lens of Bose Frames Lens, which shine in the colors is low or the appearance of the reflector, with the possibility to alter them with ease; to change their appearance and colors, reducing down glare and optical to the eye.

In addition to their elegant appearance comparable to the most exquisite spectacles in the world, the company supplied the new tires on the smallest of systems, Bose audio, and, the least weight at all.

Based on its unique design which does not include the parts inside the ear, the tire wear systems audio Mini, voice control, and experiences of personal photos to a whole new level, giving users the possibility of listening to music and voice calls, and make phone calls and receive, access to the systems of virtual assistance, while maintaining complete privacy.

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It blends new tires between good looks and practical performance high level, and turn the tire to the sunglasses of high quality, the potential of the diverse; for download through the availability of a range of new lenses, but they quickly turn to headphones connect the user with contacts, the internet, and all of the content on his mobile phone.

And to these succeeded a tire causing a paradigm shift in the field of wearable devices since its launch for the first time in the United States before the 6 months.

Sunglasses amazing with interchangeable lenses.

Come frames, Bose Frames by a campers special. reflect elegance at its details, namely: Alto, square shape with protruding corners; and the Rondo, the Round, small size.

And both models the ability of them to block out 99 percent of UV rays, with long and medium waves, and a weight of each 45 grams, high attached lens has the same tonal gradations and uniform, can be replaced easily with interior accessories tires of the new lenses.

Are available lens non-polarized with gradations of color blue compatible with all models, besides providing the option of getting lenses polarized reflective silver, the frames Alto, reflective gold-colored pink frames Rondo.

And deal all the models of justice with the contemporary nature of the tail of the little touches, which is provided by frames, Bose Frames, including joints, steel gold plated, pins the shipping, also provide all levels of self – protection, resistance to scratches, breakage – that are available in the standard lenses of the product.

Audio devices personal.

Lead frames, Bose Frames the function of wireless headphones, and features a minimalist design and unique engineering, which go beyond the concept of size versus performance, to offer experiences enjoy the personalized unparalleled.

And the installation of voice set of super-resolution images in the inner arm of the frame – rather than using earbuds, traditional, or acoustic components related – to experience the amazing sound, and allows its user unit.

In order to provide feature Touch Control and voice control, has been installed a microphone and mini-button for multi-tasking on the right hand side to the frame structure, in order to check the functions of energy, borrowing, and personal assistance virtual Siri Siri, the Assistant Google Google Assistant, make calls, and direct command, or turn off the songs and mix them.

The application of the Bose Connect to mobile phones the advantages of additional verification currently used, along with the possibility to update the software; to provide new experiences in the future, such as platform Bose en supported by augmented reality.

Wearables provide audio experiences powered by augmented reality.

Expect tires, Bose Frames with Bose AR, the first commercial product built with the platform voice powered by the augmented reality of the Bose, apart from augmented reality glasses and the other platform does not Bose EN to change what the user sees, or integrating the camera lens juts into the frame.

It also does not require the tire to use the camera in the mobile phone for the installation of photo objects that a user sees, and recognizes, instead, on the place where the user, using a motion sensor covering 9 themes, GPS GPS on his phone working system iOS-iOS or Android.

Adds tire a layer of sound across applications Bose EN to enable the linkage between space and time, with potential for travel, education, entertainment, games, and other.

Can be obtained with ease on all these advantages through analysis and listening, which increases the features of the frames, Bose Frames the passage of time.

Battery and storage.

Used tires, Bose Frames in its operation to the lithium battery, you can connect it with a cable with a PIN for the hair, and the rate of the Listening Center in case of continuous operation to 3.5 hours, and 12 hours in the case of the pause, and re-shipped the tires fully in less than two hours, and is available this home with a canvas bag, the bag for protection; to store the tires, and protection.

The details and availability.

Come frames, Bose Frames in black matte, The been two major (Alto) and micro (Rondo), available tires for purchase at a price of 849 AED, while the price with the lens kit, Bose Frames Lens non-polarized elect 99 AED and 129 AED respectively.

The whole group buy as of the 21st of May in the United Arab Emirates, can download apps Bose en through the application of Bose Connect, and apps iOS App Store. Are available frames, Bose Frames and accessories across a selection of stores, in addition to the stores, Bose.

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