Boston Dynamics will start mass production of robots SpotMini this summer

Last year at the TechCrunch event dedicated to robotics company Boston Dynamics has announced plans for output on a commercial footing, his robot-dog SpotMini. The latest model of this robot will be the embodiment of ten years of work on four-legged machine, which the company developed specifically for the inspection and control of different production and office space. At the TechCrunch event, held the day before, got up on stage one of the founders and President of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert, presenting finally a production version of robots.

The company plans to release this year about 100 models SpotMini. According to Raibert, their production should start in July-August. From Boston Dynamics already has a production line for Assembly, but, as explained by the head of the robotic company, is currently producing “beta” four-legged machines, the design of which from time to time made various adjustments. On one instance SpotMini unfortunately, not yet reported. This information will be available closer to summer.

As we approach the full-fledged mass production SpotMini, the company also shared information about what the car has undergone new upgrades: the design got a new, better and more reliable components, an external housing that protects the robot, for example, in the fall. In addition, the robot has two cameras (front and back), so now he can watch over the situation in all directions.

The production version SpotMini will also be equipped with a robotic arm, which some somehow mistaken for the head. The arm has a spatial stabilization: even when the displacement of the robot from a certain point, it remains in the same position, which was that makes the machine more flexible and useful for different tasks.

Speaking at the event TechCrunch, Raibert expressed the hope that their SpotMini can become a real “Android is for robots” (or the coolest Android among other androids). The machine is endowed with advanced navigation system and provides programming for various applications in accordance with the tasks.

Four-legged SpotMini should become the first commercial robot company Boston Dynamics, but definitely not the last. Previously we have already talked about wheeled robot Handle intended for transportation of various cargos in warehouses. Robots of this type have recently become very topical among various companies. By the way, the latest acquisition with Boston Dynamics company startup Kinema Systems, development of machine vision technologies, could further increase the interest in such machines.

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