Bowing out: how Bitmain will kill home mining Bitcoin

The largest manufacturer of Asimov Bitmain has earned more than $ 2.5 billion over the past year. The company received another multi-billion investment and prepared to go for an IPO.

Bitmain is taking the market of cryptocurrency mining and building the infrastructure of hitherto unseen proportions. In Bitcoin NEWS tried to find out whether survive home mining, if this trend will continue to develop.

Profitable mine cryptocurrency

The history of cryptocurrency mining is a history of technological obsolescence. From the beginning, Hasrat of Bitcoin was so low that for profitable production of coins was enough computing power processors. Then came the update that allowed you to mine BTC on the GPU, so CPU mining has become unprofitable and outdated. After a few years there asik, from-for what the GPU mining Bitcoin is also gone.

Dozens of other cryptocurrencies have introduced a limit on ASIC-mining in order to avoid centralization. However, while to get Bitcoin is just for ASIC miners. Soon this situation may change — experts predict a decline in the profitability of mining a home in the next few years. The reason for this will be the expansion of major mining companies around the world.

Coinmint purchased old aluminum plant in new York for $ 700 million. In the future room plan turn into one of the world’s major centers for the extraction of Bitcoin. Spending on mining hardware right now is justified only on a large scale — the more capacity, the cheaper company complete each unit Hasrat.

As soon as the new “branches” Bitmain and Coinmint running at full capacity, the difficulty of mining Bitcoins will soar in heaven. Even after the fall of the price of the cryptocurrency to create major centers of mining still profitable. All this puts domestic miners Bitcoin in a very unenviable position.

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