Bracelet Galaxy Fit is applicable to today’s markets at a price of $ 100

Samsung has started today in paying released new bracelet smart Galaxy Fit market in the United States, where the new bracelet is priced at $ 100 with a set of the most important features that are looking for users of the bracelet is smart.

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Seeking Korean giant to rival the Fitbit Inspire HR during the next period in the markets with a new version of the bracelet smart Galaxy Fit, which apply to today’s markets at a price of $ 100.

Has Samsung announced the bracelet Galaxy Fit smartphone for the first time during the events of the conference of the Galaxy S10, where came the bracelet with the H Galaxy Watch Active also.

And Samsung bracelet Galaxy Fit features supported by the already in competition in the markets where the bracelet a variety of styles tracking that works on tracking user activity in the number of 90 pushup different, comes from swimming, jogging, and also working on the follow-up status of the user during sleep with to follow the status of the user when feeling stress or to measure stress level.

Also works as a bracelet Galaxy Fit to monitor the heartbeat, or follow the feed the user with the possibility to install widgets and receive notifications in your phone with a feature to adjust the daily schedule to the user.

And features interface Galaxy Fit Design, clear and simple, where the user can swipe to navigate between the main interface to control the smart or special pages to monitor heart rate, or track the status of the user during exercise or sleep etc.

Also the user can get more details in each page by scrolling to the bottom or to the top, also can refer to the Home screen at any time by clicking on the button bracelet smart in the left side, while prolonged pressure to start the monitoring exercise quickly.

It is estimated that work a bracelet Galaxy Fit follow the steps of the user automatically when you start the movement, and also confirms Samsung that the smart bracelet will perceive the change the user for the type exercise to change also automatically without the need to adjust the bracelet on a new to in the beginning.

Galaxy Fit comes with a screen colorful running Tizen, as Samsung’s stylish design in the laces, also confirm the Samsung on to the bracelet using old charging up to almost a week.


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