Bracelet new fitness Xiaomi Mi Band 4 able to track the race also, the cost is 25$ only

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you are a fitness enthusiast looking for a bracelet a new and clever at the same time to help you track progress and help you reach the goals you select, you may be happy to know that the company Xiaomi has today slide the curtain officially on the bracelet, a new fitness centre called the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, and the cost is just $ 25 for people that don’t support NFC, while the cost of 33 USD for people that support this technique.

Bracelet new fitness contains a lot of features, including an AMOLED screen color size 0.95 inch and accurately 240 x 120 pixels, and the ability to resist water at the depth up to 50 meters, as well as the ability to record swimming laps. Moreover, it is a bracelet, the new Smart also able to define patterns of different swimming, such as swimming free, swimming on back, swimming on the chest, swim butterfly, swim mixed.

Containing bracelet Fitness new on the sensor heartbeat, the scale of the development site consists of six axes to track the various activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling and walking. And link this to the bracelet, the new smart phone through Bluetooth technology 5.0. And my company Xiaomi that this bracelet withstand up to 20 days before needing a recharge.


Will be bracelet, Xiaomi Mi Band new 4 available in six different colors, it is only available in China currently. We can’t wait to try when they become available for purchase at the global level.


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