Branches and outlets of “safety” begins with the shipment of disaster electricity smart metering

Start a company “security payment” starting from the month of April the independence of citizens through its branches and its outlets throughout the Republic to activate services, recharge cards, electricity for the beliefs, words, and so after the success of the company “finance” in cooperation with the Egyptian electricity holding company in achieving connectivity and integration with the e-payment in Egypt.

The “Security” tab in the shipment of the counters, after its success in the collection of electronic bills of electricity, through cooperation with the company any finance as one of the key partners of the Ministry of electricity and renewable energy to develop services provided to citizens on the level of the Republic, increasing the efficiency of the use of the National electricity network spreading the culture of electronic payments, which is one of the fundamental objectives that launched the company security electronic payment for her in 2016.

Although the company of the latest companies system e-payment in the Egyptian market, but it has proved its intention to occupy the leading position by its presence in remote areas to serve the lowest income groups by more than 20 thousand outlets and 120 branches Nationwide, the company also plans in the near future to reach the points of sales of about 70 thousand machine to serve the wider audience, and add 300 new branch.

Are considered counters to words that work by shipping pre-Chrome one of the outstanding ideas that have been applied by the Egyptian government to rationalize the consumption of energy and urged citizens to monitor their daily consumption of electricity and actual consumption, which increases the effectiveness of the use of the National electricity network.

He Mohammed wahby, CEO of security services for electronic payment, the proud participation of “security” to the government in the development that is happening at the level of the management of the National electricity network and the collection of the new, beside its participation in the national campaign for e-bills, explaining that the use of the counters words, is one of the important ways to rationalize the consumption of energy, which no doubt helps in keeping the energy sources for future generations and the benefit of Egypt of its wealth .

The President noted the purchase of a security that the use of cards smart charging electricity achieves many of the goals next to rationalize the usage, it makes the citizen informed of the size of its power consumption daily and monthly, monitor the cost paid by constantly, which makes him a partner in the development and increases the rate of healing between him and the Government, the new system also eliminates the probability of error in the estimation of the invoice owed by the citizens especially as it shows the actual cost of the Bacillus indebtedness owed the remaining balance and thus be the process of paying dues information accurately to the citizen.

And the donative of automation of electricity Services Integration is a must with the plans of the state to regulate the sector and increase the size of investment allocated to develop the National electricity network in the coming years, especially after it succeeded in the implementation of the ambulatory sector to pump investments of approximately 485 million pounds in new power stations and the development of existing plants during the past four years, reflecting the state’s determination to promote the sector and increase the efficiency of services provided to citizens.

CEO explained the security that the method of shipping disaster, electricity, simple and easy to dramatically and through the guidance of the citizen card to any port bore the mark of security deployed across the governorates of the Republic, the introduction of a disaster via any machine belonging to the company safe, and then figure out the amount owed and the value of the specific charge of the disaster, stressing that the new system provides more time and effort on citizens.

He stressed that mechanization of electricity services is reflected positively on the State plan to achieve sustainable development and increase the efficiency of its resources, especially in light of the intention of the Ministry of electricity and create a network of new transmission electricity capacity of 500 thousand watts, and a length of two thousand kilometers, to be parallel to the existing network, with targets to increase electricity generated from renewable energy to 20% of the total electricity generated by 2020 .

He praised the CEO of safety, in a press release, the company has successfully any finance in contracting with companies responsible for electronic payment in Egypt, to determine the electricity bills of all the sectors of the Ministry of gold at the Republic level electronically, which enjoyed considerable success and attention by citizens, as it is expected to witness more success in the coming period, through the campaign that has been launched.

It is indicated that the Ministry of electricity has succeeded in achieving a profit between companies, electronic payment companies, distribution of electricity, nine at the level of governorates of the Republic, and is currently education services, freight prepaid cards at the level of all governorates in the framework of its plan to develop the sector .

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