Brand latest buy Samsung hint at coming changes to the naming system of its smart phones


For too long, depended Samsung brand Galaxy in smartphones and its tablets, but are you planning to change that? Well, according to new brands offering Samsung’s request to get them, it seems that the company is considering the launch of the system allows the new identity, its smart.

Offer Samsung applied for three trademarks, namely : Rize10 and Rize20 and Rize30. These brands dedicated to smart phones, but still don’t know what are the smartphones that you get these names. Now we know that the smartphones of the company Samsung belonging to the several series include the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series and the Galaxy J Series and Galaxy A Series, for example, but not limited to.

However, because the brand Rize tied to the numbers, we’re not sure if the name Galaxy Rize10 applies the same ease of pronunciation Rize10 only. We know that in 2019, we can expect to see the Galaxy S10, but it remains to be seen whether the phone will change his name to celebrate the anniversary of the tenth on the launch of the series phones Galaxy S Series or not.

Then there is also Samsung phone rollaway, although we heard last time that he will get the name of the Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex. Anyway, we will continue to watch the situation to find out more about these phones, in case launched.



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