Brand of Samsung for as Samsung Buds

علامة تجارية من سامسونج لسماعة باسم Samsung Buds

Put the Korean company Samsung a new brand, not in countries of the European Union on behalf of Samsung Buds, which shows that the company is preparing to launch headphones wireless new as it appears from the name, and perhaps share them soon this year or the beginning of next year.

The company owns the trademark for the authorized wireless bass Gear IconX, but after their updates, The Last assistant’s voice Baker, it is possible to see the headset supports the plugin directly, or rather headset wireless integrated not only to listen to the traditional.

On the other hand, is having a brand doesn’t mean hearing a whole new side Gear IconX, maybe is the update for the sky old properties fresh and new as did Samsung with its smart changed its name from the Galaxy Gear S to Galaxy Watch.

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  1. Going to detail more about this topic? I can tell you’re holding back some of the jucier reasoning, but I would certainly love hearing them 🙂

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