Breakthrough retailer Cafe Press and data 23.2 million accounts

A new report reveals that the company is Cafe Press American retail over the internet, asked its scientists to choose new passwords as part of the “password policy” is updated, but the news came shortly after reports that stating that the site had been a victim of violations data in February.According to the website engadget, the American, has revealed a report that there were more than 23.2 million accounts may have been exposed, including the diversion of addresses, email, names and physical addresses and phone numbers, as explained in the report that was leaked about 77% of addresses that email in hack in alerts breach of the HIBP the former.

According to the report, the HIBP is the website allows netizens to verify whether their personal data has been compromised through the attacks, hackers, and confirmed the HIBP that, while the hack occurred in February, sometimes there can be long lead times of months or even years before disclosing the data publicly.

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