Briar messaging application etc based on the Tor

Briar تطبيق التراسل الخاص والقائم على Tor

Of the many things that benefit the Smart Phone Holder and specifically when it comes to applications, is the presence of alternatives and variety, these alternatives are suitable for everyone and, first and lastly the option to the user based on the factors or Reasons for helping him in check, most notably, of course, the advantages of the app, with us today a new app and really any user who wishes to protect himself during Messaging.

The application of Briar and is currently on Android only, is one of the Messaging apps Your and safe too, and before moving on to the memory of its advantages and the method of his work, more worthy to refer that the application continued for quite some time now in its pilot phase has now been launched officially.

In respect of the application and its advantages it differs from the rest of the applications in the field of it, being designed for safe between two parties through sync via the Tor network, and even if you are not able to access the Internet, you can still use the app to talk with friends by syncing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.

Briar تطبيق التراسل الخاص والقائم على Tor

Therefore, the application of Briar does not depend on a central server, but is synchronized messages directly between users ‘ computers, and has advantages the other does not support it to take a screen shot for any reporter, as well as add contacts by scanning codes QR, finally although there are a lot of solutions contact safe listed for on the store Google Play, the presence of another option to choose from is welcome, especially in our time.

Download application Briar from here.

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