Britain get rid of the equipment of Huawei at the network of the fifth generation is fully in 2027

بريطانيا تتخلص من معدات هواوي في شبكات الجيل الخامس بشكل كامل في 2027

The UK Government has announced its decision to have the new equipment, Huawei in telecommunications networks fully by the end of 2027.

The announcement came about the current resolution in a speech of the minister of culture of the British Oliver Dowden in the House of Commons; where it was explained that the operators of the communication networks in the United Kingdom must stop buying equipment Huawei 5G at a maximum until December 31 next, noting that any purchase after the date shown will be an illegal operation.

In the case of the purchase of telecom companies to know 5G of the Chinese company and include them in their networks before the cities mentioned; we must work to get rid of them fully by the end of 2027 as stated by the minister.

Following the chronology of the decisions of the British government in this regard had been stated last January possibility of allowing businesses which are classified ” hazardous” building the fifth-generation networks in the country, but without having the central role in the process.

It was concluded by then that the state need for networks of the fifth generation have a great role in maintaining the technical progress in the absence of an alternative to the Chinese company; and disregarding the warnings of America against working with Huawei.

Shortly thereafter and in May released a report talking about the plan of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to talk about equipment Huawei full within three years by 2023.

However, the centre of the British National Cyber Security GCHQ issued a new report last week refers to the seriousness of the use of the equipment of Huawei in building the networks of the fifth generation in the shadow of sanctions and restrictions the U.S. imposed on them, which form the shelves pressure on the British government to deal in the issuance of a final decision on this matter as it happened today.


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