British company lets mobile users in the world to get content and Internet services “without the need to connect to the internet”!

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Studies show, global research indicates that there are approximately three billion mobile user is not connected to the internet on the face of the earth, which stands between them and access to data, information and services available to Internet users.

There was not prized in the introduction of the initiative at the global level to bridge the digital divide if you will, and offer ideas and services revolution that will change the equation, and making a real difference in the lives of billions of humans.

In 2012, has emerged on the global stage company. from its headquarters in London (regional headquarters in Dubai silicon oasis), which took on the task of bridging this gap, meet the need and requirement to deliver the information and data and Internet services to non-related, so cross-platform development of innovative technology-based ideas worthy of attention.

The company confirmed that its goals are not purely commercial, but the description by the Prophet, where they be in the service of humanity and the empowerment of all mobile users on the planet access to Information, Services and data available on the Internet (with or without an Internet connection).

The basic idea at the beginning of its ambitious goals published by the company of the ratings favourably large, and entered into significant agreements with a number of world governments, bodies and entities internationally renowned, companies and contacts world-class technology, including the World Federation of operators of mobile communications GSMA – large companies like Microsoft and Amazon, Reuters, Wikipedia and others.

And stop the company. significant agreements with telecom operators in more than 20 countries with a total of about 283 million subscribers, and access to more than 50 countries during the current year, 2018.

The leading products, services and solutions provided by the company in the past years, most of which are now available in a number of countries in the world

  • Alternative service simple web
  • The development of the first application of hybrid works with or without Internet
  • The launch of the platform. with an unprecedented
  • The development of the first application of hybrid social interaction
  • The launch of the service to contact the collective visual hybrid
  • The development of the first service to the sender devices without Internet
  • The launch of the service sWeb small and medium business
  • The development of mCoin is the first digital currency outside of the scope of the internet in the world
  • Link platform. with voice assistant Eco from Amazon
  • Profit with a number of the giant: Amazon and Microsoft

For more information on the technical details of existing services, highlighting the future vision of the road map and output the other, the team gate Arab news technical field visit to the regional police located at Dubai silicon oasis, held a dialogue lengthy and quite challenging with the professor, the engineer, hatem al-Ibrahim, co-founder and Director of the operating company., in which he provided details of the very enjoyable about the advanced technology provided by the Earth Sciences from the noble goals for the benefit and service of mankind.

The most prominent headlines to track the source

  • The power of thought made to the World Federation for communications GSMA helps to give our membership in the very early
  • Reuters found a way to work. great opportunity to enable them to deliver their services to hundreds of millions of mobile users
  • Wikipedia found that the platform of the ratings serve the same noble goals for the delivery of information.
  • We signed significant agreements with several government entities, a prestigious international
  • We connect with companies and contacts world-class technology: Microsoft, Amazon and others
  • “An alternative simple Internet” provides an immediate solution to bridge the digital divide without having to wait or any investment!
  • The development of the first service to the sender devices without Internet
  • The development of the service ACS communications advanced
  • The development of the first application of hybrid works with or without Internet connection
  • The application of the ratings of the hybrid social trading offers you all of the features offered by social media platforms
  • Services. serving all communities even in the developed countries
  • We have to connect with the company AT&T, and our services are also available in Britain
  • Provide communications collective visual hybrid without the internet
  • The development of mCoin first digital currency outside of the internet
  • The development of digital currency mCoin came as a result of a natural evolution of the services and the other not.
  • The initial work of the ICO will be in the Global Forum to wear your Chi, Dubai, on 16 April next
  • We will announce the first digital wallet to work outside of the internet
  • Mining alternative to uma called Psedo Mining
  • We any simple store build a customer base and evaluate the system rewards them depending on the digital currency without Internet connection
  • Coin mCoin can be used even by agencies of financial and banking
  • We started negotiating with a number of platforms that will be incorporated mCoin, it will be announced that the house has sold
  • The announcement of the business community for mCoin
  • Start uses business dealings for mCoin, and mHire, and mTaxi, the mBid, the mBook
  • Engage in partnerships with banks
  • The launch of the service credit loans micro through mCoin
  • With mCoin there is no possibility of training or uses illegal
  • The launch of the platform. hybrid trading digital currencies outside of the scope of the Internet with the highest degree of authentication
  • Launch plugin virtual hybrid
  • Expected inclusion of the ratings in global stock markets in 2020
  • mCoin depend on the techniques and history of the company. a list of the services exist mainly
  • mCoin is developed on a mechanism to limit the engage in speculation and to prevent the rise landing a sudden that happens with other currencies
  • Coin mCoin is part of the Earth enjoys full independence away from the floundering market
  • mCoin is a business-friendly financial institutions, regulators and government which is a noble community service
  • The invitation is open to all government or quasi-governmental or civil society organizations or even individuals to contribute to the development of the Earth global


British company lets mobile users in the world to get content and Internet services “without the need to connect to the internet”!

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