British intelligence is warning shoppers during the Black Friday

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المخابرات البريطانية تحذر المتسوقين خلال الجمعة السوداء

Warned British intelligence through a report issued by the National Centre of cyber security in the United Kingdom NCSC to shoppers who are hoping to get the online deals on Black Friday are the main targets for cybercriminals, and this statement is the first warning of its kind by the National Center for electronic security in the period leading up to Christmas where to intensify the inventors of their efforts to defraud users, the agency said cyber defense, it’s important to share knowledge to avoid to become soiled in the UK targeted online.

Requested the National Centre of cyber security in the UK, which is part of the British intelligence agency known as government communications headquarters GCHQ, users submit questions about online safety to the center provides the answers to those questions via the Twitter platform, it also released the agency is also a series of tips to maintain the safety of shoppers.

Those tips include installing the latest software updates and applications, choose strong passwords and separate accounts, write the web address for the retail store instead of clicking on links from e-mail, avoid over-sharing unnecessary information with the stores so if you order it, and don’t panic if you think you’re a victim of fraud, reviewed bank accounts for payments to is not known, and make sure that all your home appliances safe.

The center has participated in treatment more than 550 incidents electronically important during the past 12 months, and nearly 140 thousand web site phishing is used by hackers, said Ian Levy Ian Levy, technical director of the National Centre of cyber security in the UK agency GCHQ: “the stay safe on the internet requires no technical knowledge is profound, and we want to know the entire country to the National Center for Electronic Security speaks the same language that is spoken by people”.

As advised by the Director Technical Centre for consumers to log on as a guest instead of creating an account on sites, retail stores, he said, “Try Not to create an account unless you have a pre-existing relationship with the retailer, so that you’re planning to buy things from them in the long run, should not bother to create a new account for just this weekend, and give the retailer all of your personal information in case you didn’t have it, because if he doesn’t get it, you won’t lose it in the next time where to hack”.

ACHR added that online shoppers should watch their bank accounts today and over the weekend to track any payments not recognized, this warning comes after many retailers for breaches during the past year, the company adopted the Fortnum & Mason in July of stealing personal data of thousands of customers after attacked by cyber.

He told the retailer that about 23 thousand of shoppers have revealed their names and their email addresses and their home addresses, in addition to their social media platform accounts, and advised company retailer Superdrug in the month of August, thousands of online customers to change their passwords after attempted hackers blackmail retailer.

The gate Arab News Technical British intelligence is warning shoppers during Black Friday

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