British journalist raise the issue on Facebook to use his photo in advertising

صحفي بريطاني يرفع قضية على فيسبوك لاستخدام صورته في الإعلانات

Raise the British journalist competent in financial affairs Martin Lewis issue on Facebook because of the appearance of images within the ads the digital currency illegal.

Lewis gave the request his case in the British High Court claiming that the company published more than 50 a different ad about the digital currency encrypted and the use of his image is a fake to achieve greater results.

He said the British journalist, “I’ve fought through more than a year to stop Facebook from posting ads fake bear my image and my name to fool people, but it’s still stable.” He added, “I feel bored with all the victims fall as a result of trust me, and ratification by those ads.”

In spite of the eloquence of Martin Louis constant on the ads that appear on his behalf or his image, but Facebook didn’t stop those ads until now.

This perhaps being the police to the cries of different legal after watching the diversion and use of data in advertising campaigns for the elections in Britain and America.


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