British journalist reveals the mysteries of the context of Facebook in the video documentary

صحفي بريطاني يكشف عن خبايا سياسة فيسبوك في فيديو وثائقي

Because of the different laws for the American, working for American companies at the forefront of its Facebook on the opening of the headquarters of many of the works in Ireland, in order to avoid the Tax Code and censorship laws, so the company owns in the capital of Dublin-based staff to monitor content on the network.

He is a British journalist working for the channel, the British fourth undercover work within the branch of Facebook in Ireland to consider the way the police dealt with the content and follow different policies, the press has done a video documentary show on the TV channel to talk about the abuses.

According to what I found, the journalist, the supervisors on the content published on the network do not follow the same policy with all of the accounts and the content of the publication, although they say to delete the content of the terrorist like, it does not apply the same terms to everyone because of the lack of clarity of vision about the terms of the content, where is deleted the content of some accounts and photos of the show other pages publish what you want in the normal way.

On the other side, the draft content on the network is not running on all policies supposed to be followed by the police, while the focus is on the content undesirable and cultural policy network, shows that he is not looking for content in accordance with the age of the people who publish it – note that from the conditions of use of Facebook that the user is over 13 years old, but we find that some people put videos of them less than that age, without any action by the supervisors on the network.

In response to what has been published, the Facebook commented on her blog that it aimed at improving the usage environment, obliging users of public policy to use, where it owns about 15 thousand draft they say on the follow-up to the offending content on the network, and will assess the seminars to increase the awareness of the staff policy followed and the manner of their implementation, to improve the work environment.

Although there are more than 15 thousand draft work on the content on the network, except that the controls seem incomprehensible for the majority of them, when the reporting of illegal content from someone, it shows later that the content was deleted, while when reporting on similar content from another account, the content remains as it was. Which confirms that the police are looking for accounts and users by quality content publication, therefore some accounts even if you violated the policy will not be affected.

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