British police identify criminals through a smartphone app

Start a company in Britain using facial recognition technology on their smartphones for the first time, in a move described by privacy experts as a misuse of the enormous power.

Confirmed Police South Wales it will be given 50 police officer’s mobile app experience will last for three months.

The application company to capture a picture of one of the suspects and analyzed immediately using a facial recognition program, while informing them an immediate alert if a person appears in the list of suspects wanted.

The police South Wales pioneered the use of facial recognition technology, which can scan faces and match them with a criminal database in real time.

The submission of the application at the same time, the company’s legal challenge of the group movement (Liberty) human rights, which filed a lawsuit earlier this year regarding the coercion and interference in the collection of data on members of the public.

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The company said in Britain: the new app allows officers to confirm the identity of the suspect is required almost immediately even if you suspect the details are wrong or misleading, which ensures operations to arrest faster.

He claimed police South Wales also to cases of mistaken identity will be easily solved without having to go to the police station or places of detention.

Said Richard Lewis, Richard Lewis, deputy chief of police in South Wales: this new app means that officers can – through a single image – the answer easily and quickly on a question-Are you really the person we’re looking for.

He added, “When dealing with someone important during the patrols, then officers can have access to the data is immediate and actionable, allowing them to determine whether the person suspended is the person required or not, without having to return to the police station”.

And continuous experience for a period of three months to five officers using the technology under the strict supervision, to be shared results with the senior officers of the company and other partners.

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