Broadcast Xbox games on the X-cloud of Microsoft’s

I’ve had Netflix for gamers “is more what he’s talking about many users for what it is, which is what we will talk about today, where do you think Microsoft consider the Xbox games with the “Project xCloud”.

The announcement comes a few days after the version of Google to the pilot program to serve similar – Project Stream – although the focus of Microsoft is naturally on the Xbox games. The project xCloud an ambitious project, with the availability of personal computers, smart phones and tablets.

This is a dream, isn’t it? To grab your phone or tablet and shoot game in which you play it on the TV last night – no matter where you are. Of course, require this idea a lot of planning, a lot of development, a lot of bandwidth.

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As a result, Microsoft plans currently to start a general test for xCloud at a certain point “in the year 2019.” Despite the lack of other details, it will be an initial focus on providing “high-quality experience for all players on all devices commensurate with the experience of players with high speed and the ability to stop them on personal computers and consoles. ”

So, they want to essentially allow you to run games that you want on the devices they want, all without any kind of deterioration in performance. Leads the video above is an excellent mission consists in shedding light on the plan of Microsoft. It’s definitely worth a watch

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Will Project xCloud by pair Xbox controller to your mobile device or computer via Bluetooth, although the games will work with the tools of touch control. Overall, usually the games designed for move, the bad with touch and vice versa. I’m eager to see how it is to fight this, if it was processed even more than what we see in general with this type of control Crossover.

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The key to providing good service like this is, of course, catalog, and design the whole platform to allow developers “to be able to deploy and access heavily to their games across all devices on the Project xCloud without any additional work”.

It’s really ambitious.

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Broadcast Xbox games on the X-cloud of Microsoft

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