Broadcom has officially renounce the idea of the acquisition of Qualcomm


Briefly, it looked as if the company and Broadcom will be impossible to continue its attempts to acquire the company Qualcomm. Unfortunately, the intervention of the U.S. government since then to prevent this page, indicating that this page could pose a threat to national security, may lead to improve the status of Chinese companies in the market. However, we have heard lately that, despite that, had company Broadcom plans to fight this organization, but not anymore.

According to a new report from the website of Bloomberg, it appears that the company Broadcom has officially renounce its plans to buy Qualcomm. It is estimated that advertising will be in later today, so we’ll have to wait and see what will happen in the end. However, it was interesting to see How will be the status of the smartphone market if the company Broadcom in the acquisition of Qualcomm.

Gao Qualcomm in the beginning attempts by Broadcom to have company, but later seemed to retract, and it seemed they became more open to the idea. But as we said earlier, it wasn’t that important because the US government decided to block the offer by the company Broadcom. Obviously, there are concerns about signs of Broadcom with telecommunications companies of China, and to access company Broadcom to Qualcomm may prevent these companies in unfair competition.

It is interesting that there are reports that Intel may be interested, to take possession of the company Broadcom. It now remains to be seen whether the company Broadcom will continue in its endeavours to get the Qualcomm or not.



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