Broadcom officially announced its abandonment of the idea of the acquisition of Qualcomm


Yesterday, There was a report hinted that the company Broadcom preparing to officially announce about her backing out of the race to acquire Qualcomm. Turns out that that report was correct, although it is not hard to see why, as the Company issued a Broadcom since then issued a formal statement in which it announced its plans to pull out.

In its statement the official said the company Broadcom, said : ” although we are disappointed by this result, the company Broadcom will stick to it. Will Broadcom move forward in the process of changing the will be a meeting Special of the shareholders as planned on March 23, 2018. The Board of Broadcom and the management team with appreciation the great support that we have received from shareholders in Qualcomm and Broadcom through the process “.

In case if I heard about this for the first time, it crossed the company Broadcom in the beginning about their desire to get the Qualcomm. Company Qualcomm has resisted this idea at first, but later they seemed more open to this idea. However, the Treasury Department issued a formal statement indicating that they do not look at this idea positively, a statement which was followed by the decision of the U.S. government’s official prohibition of the presentation of the company Broadcom.

However, we believe that this is all in the past, although there was enough reports that Intel may require to get the company to Broadcom, but whether these reports are true or not, it seems to see Intel accept a formal offer to buy the Broadcom.



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