Browse Gmail without the internet began to access users

gmail offline

gmail offline

Of the new features in mail, Gmail which is revealed by Google recently in the Conference of developers, put the Browse Gmail even without an Internet connection, and now began to feature access to the users gradually.

You say this mode to save emails and attachments on the user’s device to be later without the need to download it again from the internet, and can be dealt with delete and reply, etc., and later when the contact is applied to all the changes.

Water available for users of the new interface in Gmail and across the latest version of the Chrome browser and forget to activate it because of big changes to bear. To activate the mode, the offline Reference Guide to the settings of the icon of the cog and then select the tab Offline and then there is the option to Enable offline mail, put the check mark next to it.

You can choose period covered by the mode of between a week – month – three months and tell you the size of the data that it requires from the storage on your device, you can select prevent download of attachments to provide the volume of data consumption and speed it up.

After logging out of your account you can choose what to do with downloaded messages whether they are kept on the device and to resolve them you need to turn off activation mode entirely, or delete them with every check out.

For this feature use a lot of be actually useful, such as the user’s Office does not have an Internet connection like the aeroplane and or work or college and needs his letters mailing with him, thus says activate and download the messages at home before heading to the Office landing and with him there, and he can deal with it like have a connection to a service.

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