Browser Brave: a secure alternative to Google Chrome

While seeking a Mozilla to boost Firefox privacy and security, but what you may not like the mission when his experience as an alternative to Google Chrome is the decline of speed and performance and plugins a little, and that’s why we give you a browser that is Brave , which looks like Chrome in the supplied plugins speed performance and sync between devices. But the most important is that it is not the development of Google.

Google as a developer for the Android system and search engine, keeps tons of information about users to customize the experience of each user, such as display ads and search results according to the date of its use, but this may not appeal to some, especially since the gaps Android applications, suspicious may differ from the information recorded by the Chrome, or maybe the web browser a big role in the function you don’t want to use it as part of the information on which to customize the experience when the personal use outside of work.. and that’s why we suggest a safe alternative.

Why browser Brave abandon Chrome and other browsers to?

1- depends on the encases: the same open source browser that is used by Chrome and opera and Vivaldi and soon Microsoft Edge, this makes the Brave enjoy the same extras Chrome and the same speed performance (if not faster), knowing that these are the weakness most prominent in both Firefox and Safari.

2- get rid of tool to save passwords Google Chrome: the most often used feature of automatic registration of web sites and services Google Chrome, which relies on a tool built inside the browser save the passwords that can be easily accessed via the password manager, which might be a password need reliable like, what makes them vulnerable to penetration and certainly is less secure to save passwords from services such as LastPass, knowing that those services are fallible, too, so it is advisable to use application authentication.

3- the best of Vivaldi and opera: The Two browser famous on their encases, but the many features that made them are focused options to customize the experience others, make the user equivalent to the speed of the low performance and problems of the relatively more compared browser Chrome وBrave. Unlike Vivaldi, featuring Brave its availability on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS; which makes it sync browsing history and activity possible on all devices.

4- tool for blocking ads and tracking sites: features a Brave from all the rivals integrating the tool blocking ads in the browser itself, but the most memorable aspect is that sites that request turn off add blocking ads when you visit it the browser the other do not appear very often when you use Brave, where you view the content automatically without the annoying ads.

Finally, you can download browser Brave on the different platforms by going to official website.

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