Browser Edge of the building on the encases now supports Windows 7 and 8

متصفح Edge المبني على كروميوم الآن يدعم ويندوز 7 و 8browser Edge of the building on the encases now supports Windows 7 and 8

As you know that Microsoft has a new version of the browser is its Edge based on the source code encases available to all, previously it was only possible for users of Windows 10 downloaded and try it out, but now it’s available for Windows 7 as well as 8 this includes 8.1 of course.

This be Browser the new Edge available to a greater number of users to try it especially after it became available for macOS also. And download Microsoft daily updates initial browser to solve problems or launch the advantages of simple.

Will the users of the operating system Windows 7 and 8 is almost the same advantages in the Edge of the building on the encases existing in Windows 10 except for the feature of Night Mode.

Recall that the browser Edge of the building on the encases will allow companies to use special called IE Mode to make it seem as your browser Internet Explorer in order to match with their sites and applications own.

There are also new features that allows users of the web to collect content such as text, images and information in a single note.

Still uncertain launch date of this version of the Edge officially for everyone version final, if you are interested try it and note the new advantages in speed, you can download it from its official site.

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