Browser Google Chrome will warn you if you are leaking your password

The company Google by adding some characteristics to the browser by Chrome, most notably those that will set you if you leak your password, which helps protect users from hacking accounts and stealing personal data.

Containing accounts on the internet the massive amounts of information about anyone, including spending habits, medical records and more many, it may contain geo-location data and bank accounts, which makes it extremely important to keep the accounts safe.

Despite that, millions of users compromised due to phishing attacks and the use of weak passwords and many more. And most often, are not aware of these users that the information has been leaked on the internet, which makes their accounts vulnerable to penetration. and their vulnerability to fraud of the past, and more.

So, if you fill out the login data in the browser Google Chrome, the browser will check your password to see if it was leaked, and will save you the need to change them as soon as possible, where this is supposed to be water available in all the accounts of Google.

Source: Google

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