Browser Opera Touch coming to iPhone next month

متصفّح Opera Touch قادم على آيفون الشهر القادم

Announced opera that Opera Touch browser is for mobile devices appeared first on Android devices in April last, coming to the other system iOS next month, and on October 1 next, with the availability of the demo version since today.

On the other hand, enjoys Opera Touch several benefits compared to the browser Mobile other, such as it allows users to browse seamlessly across mobile devices and computers, where the recommendation is here only necessary to run Opera on the surface in and scan the QR codes shown here with Opera Touch, therefore there is no need to logon or passwords.

Relationship to fit the choice of more of great a filter option but one, according to the developers uses Opera Touch latest web technologies to keep users safe, where all data sent by the browser encrypted and the full encryption complete “end-to-end”, in addition buy the browser on the protection of cryptojacking OWN Oprah, which would reduce the risk of flooding the phone with fliers or the battery runs out.

Finally if all of the above may convince you to give the browser experience, simply you can register in the demo version special starting from today, otherwise you will have to wait until October 1 to be able to install Opera Touch on the iPhone version full.

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