Browser Safari in iOS system 13 will prevent the users from opening the same site twice

Safari iOS iPhone

If you are from the people who open several windows in the browser Safari on the iPhone or tablet and iPad their own, you may sometimes open the same site twice by mistake. This is not necessarily a big problem, but this may be a waste of time if you have the same site already open in another window. However, coming to iOS New 13 with some of the improvements that you have to change it.

According to Cultofmac, it has found out that in iOS system 13, it will prevent the browser Safari users open the same site in other windows if he finds out that it was already open this site in another window. This does not mean that users will not be able to open new windows if they wanted it, but as you can see in the image below, it will suggest the browser on the users move to the window already open the site.


This will be useful if you are using limited data plan, especially in the case if you are travelling abroad and to avoid wasting the data, even though it’s supposed to mean that not to update the website during the open window. What happens when users click on the link, is that it is brought simply to that window instead.

Although Safari already allowed users to search for open windows, but this new change may be useful to those who are not aware of this feature or Chardy mind.


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