Browser Safari will soon be able to use the USB keyboard security


With the complexity of the technical more and more, increasingly as well the tools used for hacking, which means that the days where a simple combination of name and password is enough to protect our accounts online has become a thing of the past. At the moment, we are starting to see more advanced methods to protect our information online, including control feature on stage two, sensors port, USB keys security.

And for those who like to use USB keys security, you may be interested to know that Apple choose to allow the browser to Safari support the keys to the safe. This support is part of the demo version of the latest browser Safari which brings with IT support for software applications WebAuthentication API which allows secure logins to web sites using USB keys security.

USB keys security is not new, we have seen in the past how some software developers for such devices to check if the product was real or not. In fact, we have confirmed the US company Google turn lately they started using USB keys security in its offices by employees to avoid fraud. In fact, I began to Google myself to sell the keys USB security call it the name of the Google Titan note that you can get them for 50$.

At the moment, support is provided for the keys USB security in the beta version of the browser Safari, which means that this support is not yet available for all users, but is supposed to change that in the near future if all goes well.


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